The DIRECTV Sports App Experience

The Sports App for STB consist of an interactive experience allowing the users to favorite players, view the schedule, the leader board, scorecards, the draws as well as the player bios. See up to six live matches at the same time on the Tennis Mix Channel. The apps include the US Open Tennis, the US Open Golf, the Golf Masters, the Australian Open, The French Open, Wimbledon.

Role : UI / UX Designer


The US OPEN Experience

Launch it from the "Snipe" with the red button, you get access to a menu that allows you to view multiple tennis channels at the same time. Once you've accessed the menu you can favorite your players, view the draws, the schedule, the player bios and the games that were completed today. The one - two - four - or six video cells screen is curated by the producers based on availability. 

Scorecard and Draws

The scorecard only lives in the Golf experiences. It includes a short player bio such as the nationality, his wins and his world ranking. It also includes its actual standing in the competition. See how many draws, pars, birdies have been performed on different holes of the course. The draws only appear in the Tennis tournament experiences. It shows the different matches played or to be played at a certain round. You can easily navigate from the first round to the finals by using the directional arrows on your remote. The diagram on the left menu indicates where you're standing and explains how to navigate through the rounds.




"Experience every major with coverage you can only get on DIRECTV. See multiple matches on one screen, including early-round, outer-court matches. Plus enjoy special features at the press of a button. It’s all included at no extra charge. When it comes to tennis coverage, it’s game, set, and match, DIRECTV."