My thesis focuses on improving the shopping experience for customers inside supermarkets, using technology to create a new interaction between the place and the users. The project targets possibilities for the customers. Every supermarket possesses a database that contains all information concerning the products such as prices, discounts, location in the supermarket, etc. I am deploying that database in a new context, providing it to the customers through a mobile application, with a visual location-finding interface for their use inside the supermarket. Being in possession of that database, customers can browse all the products, find where the products are exactly located in the aisles, find discounts and navigate spatially through the supermarket. The information is displayed by scanning the AR marker (Augmented Reality) with a smartphone / tablet. It was realized using openFrameworks + iOS, OpenGL and Qualcomm image tracking.

Role : UI / UX Designer / Coding / Concept / Prototyping