The DIRECTV Help Center

The DIRECTV Help Center allows the user to quickly get the help he needs, whenever he needs. The answers were updated with helpful images, step-by-step instructions and how-to videos. The navigation is streamlined and helps the user find what he's looking for in an easier way. The experience can also be personalized: based on your DIRECTV system, if you're logged in, the content will be updated and will be reflecting questions and answers more relevant to you. 

Role : UI / UX Designer


Help Center Desktop

The Help Center works with three different buckets. The "Find Solutions" is a bucket that helps the user resolve issues and troubleshoot his service such as a problem with billing or the equipment. The "Learn How" bucket is to get information about products and services. The "Ordering DIRECTV" bucket is all question regarding the acquisition, but also all questions related to your bill if you're logged in.

Help Center Mobile

Similar experience on the mobile web.


Help Center Mobile Chat

If the user still cannot find an answer, he has the possibility to chat with an agent on desktop but on mobile as well.